1. So spooky

  2. Venus fly trap.

  3. Cash

  4. Coffee


  5. Perfect

  6. saraquael:

    Mook is an old acquaintance of mine, and the first person to climb to the top of the 10th Street Bridge and tag it. The entire city erupted in outrage when he did this, and he was #1 on Pittsburgh’s Most Wanted list. This is pretty hilarious, considering Pittsburgh is home to any number of gangsters, murderers and thieves, and all Mook did was put paint on buildings and bridges. My favorite Mook story (of which there are many) is the time he tagged the Graffiti Busters van and etch bathed their windows while the Graffiti Busters themselves were in the 7-11 on the South Side. He made the front page of the paper for that one.

    Classic mook

  7. B.Frank

  8. Paines park

  9. I forget if this is art or if we were drunk pretzelbasket